Ollywood Surfboards

About Ollywood

In 1998 I travelled trough New Zealand after finishing my studies of Furniture design and Antique restauration. I fell in love with te single-fin Era and the boards they surfed back in the days.. I visited my friend, surfer /shaper Josh Astill. He showed me the tricks and trades of shaping and it was then when I shaped my first board. He took me to a wooden surfboard builder/artist called Davey Briggs, who worked with three Maori boys that carved Maori art in the boards from nose to tail. From that moment I wanted to build wooden surfboards myself. In 1999, after 6 months I was back in Holland and started building my first wooden surfboard in my backyard. Short after that I started my furniture factory and I created an extra department on hollow wooden surfboards; Ollywoodsurfboards was born. It was in the winter of 2008 that I offered courses for the local surfers. I mostly build classic single fins and twinnies. Short and long. Olaf de Vries